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Testimonials below are extracts from the Guestbook at the Villa.



From: Sue Cross,  Date of stay: May 2003


"We've got nothing but lovely memories of our two weeks at Villa Fleuron, and it really provided us with rest and relaxation we were looking for. It is extremely well equipped - the best equipped self-catering house I've ever stayed in and I've stayed in quite a few at home and abroad! Also very peaceful - just the occasional huge splash of my husband diving into the swimming pool broke the peace and tranquillity of the place."



From: John and Marilyn Beasley,  Date of stay: September 2003


"Just a line to say how much we enjoyed our stay at your beautiful villa, in the end it was only the two of us, but we had a great time just relaxing. We were so comfortable we only ate out a few times, making good use of the BBQ. All requirements were catered for, and we loved the area so much we are now thinking of a villa of our own. Thank you once again."


From: Lewis Heard,  Date of stay: September 2003


"The villa location in a very beautiful forest setting, quiet and tranquil, private but close enough to villages or towns for your essentials. Villa inside clean, comfortable, roomy, with many comforts of home. We felt very relaxed straight away. Swimming pool great. This was our fourth holiday hiring private accommodation - we struck lucky again and got a lovely place to stay so we do recommend it and would stay their again ourselves."



From: Caitriona O'Leary,  Date of stay: October 2003


"We spent a wonderful 2 weeks at Villa Fleuron. The place is just lovely...we would love to go back there again some time. Marvin and Una got engaged while we were there as well, so there was loads of excitement - a memorable holiday!"



From: Ross Russell,  Date of stay: November 2003


"What a beautiful house! We really appreciated the comfort and facilities which we found when we arrived - it was just home from home..... The children loved the house and garden and all the available distractions. CBBC on Sky also let granny and grandad have unexpected long lies in the mornings - a luxury which we have not enjoyed on previous holidays. It is certainly the most comfortable accommodation which we have rented in France, and we will certainly tell anyone who is thinking of going to that area."



From: Stringer and McConnell families,  Date of stay: May 2004


"Had a fantastic time travelling the Riviera.  Villa Fleuron is very well located for touring as well as relaxing, and we look forward to returning in the future."



From: Buckle and Campbell families,  Date of stay: May 2004


"We loved Villa Fleuron, and have spent plenty of time dreaming about a house in the Riviera and looking in estate agents windows...... We loved our time here and may well return.  Don't know how Liz and David can bear to rent this out."



From: Ratcliffe and Jenkins families,  Date of stay: June 2004


"We've had a great time; the house is very comfortable.  We all enjoyed the pool; kids and parents enjoyed the TV.  Great location, and convenient for lots of activities..... All in all, we had a very nice, wonderful vacation.  We will keep Villa Fleuron in mind should we return to Provence."



From: Payne and Bates families,  Date of stay: July 2004


"Both families have had a fantastic holiday, doing some things individually, and some together.  Lovely location for exploring, and everything to hand within the house.  Loved the BBQ, and entertainment facilities, shame to go out really.  Would love to return one day, but in the meantime we are psyching ourselves up to go home.  Thank you, Liz and David, for your hospitality."



From: Glyn Matthews,  Date of stay: August 2004


"Wonderful holiday at your "place in the sun". Superb evenings at "Quatre Saisons" made particularly memorable as my daughter (18) was asked to sing. She sings jazz and blues which suited the setting well. Did most of the things tourists do in S of F. Got a glimpse of St Tropez from a traffic jam, had silent conclave with medieval mummified nun, visited Swedish vineyard, rowed across Lac de St Criox in force 9 etc. Tans now fading, but not memories. Many thanks for "sharing" your second home with us."



From: Jones family,  Date of stay: August 2004


"We have all had a superb holiday, particularly enjoying the pool, table tennis, and badminton.  Since it is rather expensive to eat out in restaurants we cooked our evening meal everyday here at the Villa.  The oven and hob are extremely efficient and the local Carrefour supermarket has excellent quality produce and a wide selection.....  Thank you for a lovely time, and for the welcome bottle of wine and French foods."



From: Louise Whyte,  Date of stay: October 2004


"We did have a wonderful six months [touring] - we are writing a book about some of it!! Thank you - Villa Fleuron was fantastic for our purpose - one of the high points of our trip. By the way, we are happy to be referees for Villa Fleuron if you like. We are already plotting our next trip, but my husband needs to get motivated on the work front first!!"



From: Kornelsen and Wilson families,  Date of stay: May 2005


"Villa Fleuron is magnificent.  Our welcome greeting from Peter was a great start to our French vacation.  The Villa is well-stocked, kudos to our hosts.  We all enjoyed the Villa, amenities were grand, table tennis, games and, of course, the pool....... Thank you Liz for the lovely Villa and Peter for his words of wisdom."



From: Wedgwood family,  Date of stay: June 2006


"Enjoyed Villa immensely!  Well-equipped, comfortable, and excellent BBQ.  Lethargy was our main objective and was achieved, but enjoyed several outings...... Much enjoyed everyday, and we will all find it difficult to get back to our work routine!"



From: Frost family,  Date of stay: July 2006


"We have all had a really relaxing holiday at this well-equipped Villa......  The holiday has delivered everything; the children have had such fun at the Beach, Aqualand, and loads of time playing here at the Villa.  My wife has read two books, which is always a great time, plus she is so brown its sickening.  Sleeping has been fine, the fans placed in the right places keep you cool enough, and the mornings have been really lovely........ We had great memories, so have a lovely time here at Villa Fleuron!"



From: Gallacher family,  Date of stay: September 2006


"Lovely Villa and fantastic holiday!  Feeling nicely relaxed now, just in time for the epic drive back in a couple of days.  It has to be said that this Guestbook was an inspired idea, as we have used recommendations in here and have not been disappointed, and it made our holiday so much nicer...... Thoroughly enjoyed playing boules, and table tennis with Hubby, although downside of that is his going back as champion - men are so competitive!...... Our thanks to Liz and David for sharing their Villa, and to all previous holidaymakers for sharing their experiences in this guestbook.  I feel like I knew all of you."



From: Colin Campbell,  Date of stay: June 2007


"Just a short line to say how much we enjoyed our stay at the Villa. It was everything we could have wished for.  The house was clean and well equipped and suited our requirements exactly. Peter was a fine ambassador, he was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable about the area. We were a little unsure whether to book another villa as we had been very disappointed with one we rented two years age, but all our concerns were allayed."



From: Stewart and Macfarland families,  Date of stay: July 2007


"Lovely Villa with lots of space.  Had a great holiday - pool lovely, and we enjoyed our break!"



From: Evans and Moore families,  Date of stay: August 2007


"Had fab time, really enjoyed the privacy of pool and the gardens.......  hopefully coming back next year.  Thank you for a lovely stay."



From: Martin Ruffell and Joanna Piercy,  Date of stay: September 2007


"Our stay here at the Villa has been so relaxing....... [it would be] very nice to return to the area and Villa, and look forward to its BBQ.  The BBQ is in an excellent position, and we all enjoyed cooking so close to the pool and the Villa.  We enjoyed our stay and are sorry to leave.  Peter was very helpful."



From: Sylvester and Ljubojevic families,  Date of stay: April 2008


"Great villa and holiday!. The best equipped holiday house ever!.  The area is lovely and much to explore."



From: Victoria Poizer (aged 10), Date of stay: June 2008


"The thing I most liked about our stay in France was the villa itself and the pool!!! I also enjoyed sunbathing."



From: Morten Haagensen, Date of stay: June 2008


"Thank you for a lovely vacation in Villa Fleuron. It was a great house for 2 families and we enjoyed the nice weather. We did have some afternoons with thunderstorm and heavy rain but we remember the nice weather and the nice area we lived in."



From: Evans and Moore families, Date of stay: August 2008


"Second visit by us and once again had a fantastic time.  Villa beautiful and having the pool is a must.  Great location to visit places."



From: Breese and Lamb families, Date of stay: August 2009

"The villa is ideal for two families and really well equipped, from the essentials of wine glasses and plenty of plates to buckets and spades for the beach. There is no need to take any children's or adult DVDs as there is such a huge range... Also the range of reading material is great too so if you are short for space don't bother to take any books out with you!

The villa itself is in a lovely secluded and quiet spot. This peace was shattered though by our 6 children! They loved the pool and it was so nice to have space around the villa for them to play in, when we were trying to give them a rest from the water.
It is also in a great position to explore the area and get to the beach. The gorge was fantastic - a definite must. 


We would definitely consider coming again."



From: Rob and Elizabeth Van Hunnik, Date of stay: June 2010

"A wonderful holiday.  Your house is beautiful, clean and very well equipped.... We would like to thank you for the excellent arrangements, the bookings enz. and the contact person Peter was available when and if we needed him.
We wish you all the very best and know you will enjoy being much more in your lovely villa in the future."



From: Dann Lauritsen, Date of stay: August 2012

"The house and the surroundings is nice and quiet. We stayed there for two weeks and had a great time. From the house it is great to get around in Provance. We had a rental car and went to some of the famous coast cities. We had also a day tripp to Georges du Verdon. Every evening we sat outside and grilled. The pool is great but be aware that you can't see the pool from the house because of a big hedge. There is a pool alarm that you can use if you need too because of small children. The bedrooms are big and the kitchen well equipped. There is also a outdoor ping pong table that we used a lot. There is a fence around the garden so we could let the children walk around in the big garden without us beeing worried. We hope we will get back some time."


From: Jos Poelmann, Date of stay: June 2013

"Me and my family had a most wonderful time for two weeks in this villa. The house is so well equipped and so well for little children. We felt completely at home, and thanks to this it was easy to join our children under one roof after many years..."


From: The Honeybornes, Date of stay: August 2013

"Really enjoyed staying here except for mosquitos and subsequent bites! Children and adults enjoyed the pool and visits to Gorge du Verdons and pedalos on the Lac de Sainte-Croix... We all say thank you for the lovely holiday."


From: The O'Connors & Moores Date of stay: August 2013

Week 1:  "We have had a great first week in Villa Fleuron! The villa is absolutely perfect!  We love the pool and spend most of our time splashing around in it. Flayosc is a beautiful town and the baker’s up the proad near the pharmacy makes delicious croissants, pains au chocolat and bread.   Also, the restaurant on the square “le Meuisan” is delicious!  The beach at San Cyr sur Mer is lovely and we suggest you book a table at La Patouille right on the sea. The lake on the Gorge du Verdon is beautiful; Tourtour is beautiful and the crêperie yummy. Finally, a note from the adults: le Collier de 3 Collines does excellent wine – check out their website." 

Week 2:  "This week has been just as good as the first! We have been to the beach in Fréjus, there is a yummy family friendly restaurant right on the beach where the staff speak very good English, the service is extremely fast, and the food delicious. In the morning we went to the market in Flayosc and got some delicious honey with raspberry and hibiscus. 
We are very sad to be going – we have had a lovely time here and will miss it very much."